SSI Diveguide and Divemaster

SSI Dive Guide

This course is the first step in professional rankings in SSI and to become an SSI Dive Master.  You will gain experience navigating in different environments such as night, deep, and drifts. The challenge in the SSI Dive Guide program is it tests your basic diving skills, knowledge, and even your (swim) endurance.  With this qualification you are able to guide certified divers, it is also a prerequisite to all further professional levels.

The Dive Guide Course involves leading in different environments (deep, shallow, night, currents), assisting on training dives with students during an internship, and a theory component. You will learn group leadership skills for organization and safety while guiding dives. To further your training you will assist several Open Water training courses alongside our experienced Instructor Team. The Dive Guide is a practical based course which means more diving for you, as we practice and perfect our skills, stamina, and abilities as divers to assist and lead others.

The Science of Diving Specialty – This is the main theory component for SSI Dive Guides looking to become SSI Dive Masters.  The Science of Diving course covers important dive theory necessary for all further SSI professional levels. Topics include Physics, Physiology, RDP Theory, and Aquatic Realm.  This allows you to gain additional experience in these critical specialized environments such as Nitrox, Deep, Navigation, Night / Limited Visibility Specialties. Your confidence and ability will increase as a diver as it tests you in different types of environments all of which include mastering buoyancy control.  The Dive Guide course starts on demand and is possible to start all year around.

SSI Divemaster

When completing the SSI Dive Guide program and the Science of Diving Speciality you can finish the Divemaster program.

This is the most sought-after title within the SSI curriculum, as it gives you the experience and ability to safely lead others on daily fun dives!  The SSI Dive Master qualification allows you to assist Instructors as a Certified Assistant on open water training dives.  It is also a prerequisite to any further SSI Professional ratings if you are looking to make diving a new career and become and SSI Instructor.

Koh Phangan is the perfect environment to complete these courses, with the beautiful waters and fantastic diversity of dive sites and marine life you will gain all the experience you need to enter the professional world.  Our great beach location is the perfect environment to learn everything about being a Pro.

Divemaster Training options

Option 1: Basic Dive Master package

  • SSI Divemaster Course and materials
  • 2-4 Months duration
  • Unlimited diving
  • Reefers Merchanidise
  • Free scooter hire

Option 2: Full Dive Master package

  • SSI Divemaster Course and materials
  • SSI Nitrox Diver
  • SSI Sidemount Diver
  • SSI Self Reliant Diver
  • SSI Deep Diver
  • SSI Equipment Specialist
  • Aqualung Level 1 Technician course
  • Free scooter hire
  • 3 months accomodation
  • Free Reefers merchandise

Option 3: Custom Dive Master package

    • SSI Divemaster Course and materials
    • Specilaities you want to do
    • Tailor the program to suit you

Prices starting from 34,000THB

Divemaster Koh Phangan
Divemaster Course Koh Phangan Dive

GoPro with Reefers

Email for more info and price

Guaranteed work when certified

More Info

These programs combine during the Reefers internship program to give you the best experience possible.   You will assist with courses such as Open Water and the Stress and Rescue to gain additional confidence in your ability to recognize and assist with problems.  We also allow unlimited diving (more times to see whalesharks) for the duration of your Dive Master Course, which can allow you to build up experience and better ability underwater.  Additionally,  you can complete the SSI Master Diver during your internship as well; Nitrox, Deep, Night, and Navigation Specialties will be included if you do not already have these at the beginning of your course.  You will leave Reefers with the first two SSI PRO levels completed and be able to assist with courses and confidently guide certified divers.  The timing of the internship depends on how many previous logged experience but generally runs from 2 – 4 months.

Why SSI?

SSI offers more flexibility for the working instructor to make a course that best fits each student diver’s needs.  Their philosophy is not just to teach people to dive, but teach them to become divers!  We encourage you to research both Professional programs online and see for yourself why we prefer the more comprehensive SSI training system. We believe it’s the instructor that makes the diver not the agency so we want the best instructors just as much as you do. We offer both because we feel you should be able to choose which agency you want and still have access to the best instructors. As mentioned earlier, there is also the cost factor. Some other agencies are more expensive than SSI for future training and divers are often budget minded people who are practical about how they spend their diving dollar. We are like minded people and we would be happy having a choice that might save us some hard earned cash.

What's included

  • SSI Divemaster course & materials
  • Helping with & running conservation programs
  • Join our Marine Park trips & functions
  • Unlimited diving at Sail Rock and shore diving


  • SSI Rescue Diver
  • Min 18 years of age
  • 40 logged dives
  • First Aid certified (this can be completed in store), medical certificate for diving
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, self-driven, motivated
  • Able to work 7 days a week in busy periods