SSI Deep Diver Specialty Course

SSI Deep Diver Specialty Course

The SSI Deep Diver Specialty course takes you to the limits of recreational diving. It has a more serious tone than other courses but still keeping the fun recreational aspect.

Unlock new depths of the ocean…literally. The allure of the deep is real and in some cases a wreck lies in the deep or a school hammerheads swim below. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to dive deep, dive with confidence by taking the SSI Deep Diving Specialty course. In this course you’ll learn how to safely plan and execute dives 60ft/18m – 130ft/40m.

The Deep Diver Specialty course will give you the information needed to plan and conduct no-decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40m. All dives for the Deep Diver Specialty will be no-decompression and conducted no deeper than 40 metres.

This course looks at a variety of areas including: Planning and conducting a deep dive, Equipment considerations, Nitrogen Narcosis and DCS, Dive table (and computer) review, Review of flying after diving, Potential hazards of deep diving, Procedures for safety stops, and emergency decompression.

SSI Deep Diver Specialty Course

Per Person
8,500 THB

3 Dives to a max of 40m

About the course


Many exciting dive sites are located in deeper water. Without proper training, this kind of diving puts you at risk. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will give you the ability to safely and comfortably plan and conduct dives beyond 18 meters, and is a prerequisite for some advanced training. You will earn the SSI Deep Diving Specialty certification. after completing this program.

Whats included;

The course fees include everything needed for the course. The basic equipment and all the other required or recommended for deep diving.

  • The learning material in electronic format for the duration of the course.
  • The instructor.
  • The certification card in electronic format (available in a plastic format on special request).
  • Rental of the full kit of gear including; mask, fins, snorkel, short wetsuit, regulator set, buoyancy compensator and weight system. Compass, DSMB, slates, dive computer, tanks, and fills are included as needed.
  • A minimum of 4 open water dives depending on the added options of course.

Upon finishing the course, you can dive to a max depth of 40m. This course is also very useful when combining skills from other courses, such as Nitrox Specialty and Sidemount Specialty. Theory and skill-wise, these 3 courses will equip you with ample knowledge if you plan to venture into the mythical realm of technical diving eventually.

Course Includes;

  • 2-4 Days of Instruction

  • Materials and certification from SSI

  • All equipment throughout the course

  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on boat days.

  • Free Reefers T-Shirt


  • Certified as an SSI – Open Water Diver or to have an equivalent delivered by other certification agencies.

  • Minimum age is 15 years old. For divers under 18 years old, the parents or legal tutor must sign and take part in the risk awareness part of the course.

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