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THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON OUR OCEAN Since the start of this year the COVID-19 pandemic is a topic all around the globe. With transportation being stopped, curfews enforced, and general life seeming to be on hold for most people, what does this mean for our Ocean?   Are Koh Phangan’s reefs – and even […]

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What is Freediving?

What Is Freediving? Diving into deep waters on one breath and without any breathing apparatus is referred to as ‘freediving’. Freedivers use inward control, discipline and power to descend into the ocean while holding their breath until they resurface. Freediving is both a recreational and competitive sport, with many freediving competitions being held regularly around [...]

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We’ve Moved!

Great news everyone! We have changed location and now joined Sandy Bay Resort in Haad Yao on the beach. The transition was an adventure but we have settled and enjoying beach side life. Come in to check out the new place and our massive retail shop.

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6 Tips for Whale Shark Conservation

6 Tips for Whale Shark Conservation The Whale Shark Rhincodon typus is a truly magnificent creature. As the world’s largest living fish, recent research suggests that they can grow up to 18 meters in length and may live to over 100 years old. Whale Sharks have a circumglobal distribution and are found in tropical and [...]

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How to Face your Fears in Scuba Diving

How to Face your Fears in Scuba Diving The sea holds many new experiences; these can be both wonderful and terrifying. Even more daunting can be the fears we face within ourselves in learning to dive: failure and rejection are always close when we challenge ourselves. But we know a lot about fear and how [...]

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