Divemaster Crossover

Other Organisation Divemaster Crossover to SSI Divemaster

If you´re certified as a Divemaster professional by other organisations, you can cross over to SSI on this quick course. SSI is the fastest growing diving organization in the world, and offers new and exciting career opportunities.

We recognize that as a qualified Divemaster you already know how to deal with certified divers. Our crossover is designed to simply familiarize you with the SSI Total Teaching System and the difference in our water skills. It’s that simple.

The purpose of the SSI Divemaster Crossover program is to provide an in-sight to SSI philosophies and procedures to dive professionals from other recognized scuba training agencies. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to conduct SSI programs equivalent to other organisations.

There are over hundred recreational SCUBA certification agencies in the world which are members of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council and the European Underwater Federation, among others.

This means that most organisations are interchangeable and you dont just have to stick to one.

Why should you crossover to SSI?

Switching dive organizations is very beneficial for a dive professional;

  • More employable as Dive Centers worldwide are switching to SSI
  • Cheaper yearly membership fees with SSI
  • SSI Divemaster can teach the 6 Ecology Specialities – once completing the additional training.
  • SSI won’t bully you to stay in one organisation because they want you to be successful and understand that you are more employable with multiple credentials


SSI focuses on “offering more” for students of all levels. SSI goes a step further by encouraging more diving and more in water time. SSI also offers some additional skills to teach our students, above and beyond just those that are required. Reefers Dive Center looked hard at how and what we were teaching, and decided SSI is really perfect for us in particular, and we made the commitment to take “offering more” to a new level.

Our change from another dive training organisation in 2020 to SSI has resulted in turning out more qualified, happier new scuba divers. And also importantly, the divers are more committed to scuba diving when they are better divers, and we see them back more frequently.

SSI Divemaster crossover

Divemaster Crossover

2 Day Course
9000 THB per person

Online training materials

Pro Registration

1 year membership

Crossover and start working with us right after the course!

What's included

  • Online training materials

  • Dive Guide Briefing & Guiding Slate

  • Instructor Cue cards

  • Certification fee

  • SSI Pro Activation fee

  • Dive facilities, equipment

  • SSI Instructor Trainer fee


    • Minimum age: 18 years old.
    • Must have held an equivalent certification from a recognized training agency within the last two (2) years.
    • Must meet the minimum certification requirements for the certification being crossed over.
    • A Divemaster Professional Crossover candidate must have completed the Science of Diving knowledge and skill assessment.
    • Dive professionals from other agencies who have been inactive for greater than two (2) years must follow the returning to Active Status standards.